environmental solutions
Solar Energy is becoming more and more popular. The worldwide demand for Solar Energy is currently greater than supply.


• Our technology can be used in:
• Solar assisted air-condition systems. • Solar assisted heat pumps.

Solar air conditioning

Using our patented solar collector panel we have managed to operate a domestic AC system using a much smaller refrigerator compressor (during sunlight hours).
The collector size makes it suitable for domestic installations.
Our cost effective technology will allow conversion of existing AC systems to work with our collector.
We believe that our system can save up to 60%of the energy used for air condition systems.

Solar air conditioner

Solar assisted heat pump

Todays heat pumps have a COP of up to approximately 4.
Our solar system will increase the gas temperature by up to two fold.
The system can increase the COP of the heat pump system by up to two fold during sun-light hours.
The system controller will determine when to use the solar system based on readings from a temperature & photo electric sensor.

Solar assisted heat pump